Consider the benefits of promoting the use of ethanol in the country... a sustainable energy source for life

In the past, ethanol has been recognized as an economical fuel component and an attractive option for vehicle users. Its complete combustion properties enable engines to operate at full efficiency, a well-known and significant benefit.

In reality, ethanol is more than just a fuel or clean energy beneficial for your car. There are numerous other reasons why we should promote greater ethanol use within the country. What are these reasons? Let's take a look.

Using ethanol is an alternative that helps preserve the environment, reduce various pollutants, and lower carbon dioxide emissions, the primary cause of the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Ethanol contributes to driving the economy and enhancing energy security in the country. It adds value and promotes price stability for agricultural crops like cassava and sugarcane, which are raw materials for ethanol production. Additionally, it helps reduce the cost of importing energy from abroad. Support and create a stable livelihood for Thai farmers, helping to distribute income and spread prosperity. This also reduces the movement of labor into the cities.

The benefits mentioned above should make it clear that promoting the use of ethanol is a powerful way to drive the country towards a sustainable future in every dimension.